Chocolate Halvah Bites

This is an add on product that can only be ordered along with a regular order.


Hahalvah customers had two requests - smaller bites of halvah and halvah completely enrobed in chocolate.


Chocolate Halvah Bites are born!


Halvah Bites are small, delectable pieces of halvah completely enrobed in hand-tempered dark chocolate.


When you want just a taste to satisfy a craving, Halvah Bites, described as "...small wonders of flavor and texture", are perfect.


Halvah Bites are packaged in 4oz packs and flavors cannot be requested.


Nut/seed free - request in the comment field when ordering. Please note that the base halvah contains ground sesame seeds. Nut/Seed free refers to the lack of whole nuts and seeds added.


  • Ingredients

    Tahini (Sesame seeds, olive oil), vanilla, cardamom, salt), 70% chocolate, added nuts and seeds.

    Can be ordered nut/seed free